COVID-19 Webinar

March 24, 2020


Although CCI Huronia has cancelled any upcoming in person events until the end of June  due to COVID-19,  CCI Huronia is offering a free  COVID-19 webinar for members and non-members. 

These are challenging and unprecedented times.   Directors  and managers are dealing with many new issues that raise a ton of questions.   Join a panel of lawyers, property managers, engineers and fire safety experts to get answers to those questions.  

  1. What are our communities doing now on the ground? (Jeff Struewing and Debbie Dale)
  2. Meetings (Ashley Winberg)
  3. Condos as Caregivers (Sonja Hodis and Patricia Elia)
  4. Employees and Essential Workers (Ashley Winberg)
  5. Common Element Fees (Sonja Hodis)
  6. Contracts - In Progress and Upcoming (Patricia Elia, Mina
    Tesseris and Michele Farley)
  7. Tarion (Evan Shkolnik and Patricia Elia)
  8. How are we communicating with our communities?
  9. Questions