COVID 19  Webinar #2 - How to Deal with Crisis in Your Condo

March 31, 2020


  1. Update on CCI’s efforts to obtain necessary legislative changes for condos to address COVID crisis (Patricia Elia)
  2. Borrowing (Ryan Griffiths)
  3. How are Condos communicating with their residents (Debbie Dale
    and Jeff Struewing)
  4. Fire Code Compliance Update (Michele Farley)
  5. Reserve Funds (Jon Juffs  and Evan Shkolnik)
  6. Force Majeure Clauses in Contracts and Construction Delays (Mina Tesseris)
  7. Tarion Update (Evan Shkolnik)
  8. Dealing with Requests for Accommodation under Human Rights Code during the COVID crisis (Sonja Hodis)
  9. Protocols for Moving, Showings, Visitors, Deliveries, and Access to essential common amenities (Ashley Lamb  and Ashley Winberg)
  10. What can a condo do regarding forcing residents to self isolate and identify  in light of new mandatory quarantine provisions (Patricia
  11. Question Period (if time permits)