COVID-19 Webinar #4 - A Discussion with Experts on How to Handle This Crisis in your Condo

April 14, 2020


  1. Update on the current essential services list and what it means. (Ashley Winberg)
  2. Landscaping - What is and is not essential  what parts of landscaping services are strictly necessary to manage and maintain the safety, security, sanitation and essential operation of condo and what is not and can wait.   – (Nathan Helder)
  3. Townhouse style condos - what should you be doing – (Maria Durdan)
  4. Fire safety plans for low rise, high rise and townhomes – (Michele Farley)
  5. Activities being employed by condos to keep communities connected – (Vic Howarth and Joe Gaetan)
  6. Creative ways to deal with common expense fees during COVID – (Richard Elia)
  7. Understanding who you deal with a unit owner that has died or is incapacitated – (Sonja Hodis)
  8. How to deal with emergency unit repairs – (Patricia Elia)
  9. What is COVID doing to your drains? – (Debbie Dale)
  10. Question Period - Following up on questions from last week’s webinar and questions received

Also joining us as our guests for Webinar #4 are Maria Durdan, Richard Elia and Joe Gaetan from the Golden Horseshoe Chapter.