CCI National Webinar on COVID 19 and Condos

May 7, 2020


  1. Privacy and Collection of Information - What to do with it?
  2. Government Orders - Examples of what some provinces are doing to assist condos
  3. Financing Options and Considerations
  4. Virtual Meetings and Electronic Voting: Practical Considerations
  5. Obligations to Employees during COVID 19
  6. Fire Safety and Directions from Authorities Across the Country
  7. Restricting Access to Visitors and Contractors
  8. Cash Flow - Practical Considerations
  9. Adjusting and Using Technology to Effect Positive Change During the Pandemic and Beyond
  10. Learning from the Pandemic - Suggested changes to your governing documents
  11. Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: A Condo Director's Perspective
  12. What to do with Contracts/Payments if Obligations Can't be Fulfill
  13. To Lien or Not to Lien - What is a Condo to Do?