CCI Huronia Webinar #9 - Dealing with COVID-19 Crisis in Condos

May 19, 2020


  1. Message from the Mayor of Barrie - Mayor Jeff Lehman
  2. Insurance Coverage for COVID Related Issues - Mark Shedden
  3. Update on the Condo Real Estate Market - What does this mean for Condo Corporations? - Ashley Lamb
  4. Real Estate Showings:  What Can and Should Boards Be Doing? - Patricia Elia
  5. Service Provider Refusing to do Fire Safety Testing and Telling You It Is OK - Is it OK? -  Michele Farley
  6. Updates on the Building Code and Inspections - Mina Tesseris
  7. Special Provisions to Insert in Tendering Documents in light of  COVID - Jon Juffs
  8. Communicating with Owners During COVID - New Ideas - Jennifer Dickenson
  9. Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Dr. Mabel Hsin