Lunch and Learn Webinar - Lessons from the Courts, Human Rights Tribunal and the Condominium Authority Tribunal

December 9, 2022

12:00 PM - 01:30 PM

Our condo lawyers Sonja Hodis (Hodislaw), Gareth Stackhouse (Common Ground Condo Law), Tony Servello (Ain Whitehead) and Ashley Winberg (Elia Associates) discuss the twists and turns of what happened in condo land during 2022 and how decision makers reacted to common situations condo boards and owners have found themselves in. From getting your ducks in order, legacy (grandfathering) provisions, pets and human rights accommodations to snow in condos, our panel of condo lawyers will bring you up to date on what the decisions have said about these condo issues in 2022. 

Download Cases Referred to in Webinar HERE 

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