October 26, 2021 - Blog Post

Common Element Etiquette

Etiquette is not about using the right salad fork, it is about self-respect and respect for others:

  1. Clean up after yourself and your guests when using the common elements and return things in good order.
  2. Adhere to your condominiums rules and protocols, especially governing COVID.
  3. Know your audience: Be thoughtful about how your use of the common elements may impact your neighbours use of the common elements.
  4. Make sure you tip, I am just kidding but showing gratitude to your condos team from property managers to cleaners can go a long way.
  5. Say excuse me, I am not kidding, it is a small courtesy.
  6. Dont store your kayaks, canoes, bikes and paddle boards on the balconies or lawns. Keep your community looking great and dont diminish the view even if you love your paddle board.
  7. Hold the door for the person behind you with your foot or elbow.
  8. If you are taking a call on the common elements, remember not everyone wants to be on the call with you or be open to taking questions.
  9. Give people a pass...dont you ever have a bad day and need someone to give you a break?
  10. Dont be on the common elements if you are not feeling well.
  11. Dont invade other peoples space. Stay socially distanced.
  12. Learn peoples names, creating a connection, helps create community.
  13. Clean up after your pet and dont let them defecate on the balcony, your neighbour will be upset.
  14. Ask before posting pictures of people you dont know.
  15. Always get dressed before heading out onto the common elements, you never know who you will meet between the refuse chute and your suite door.
  16. Have patience.
  17. Ensure that your guests are permitted on the common elements and adhere to the above.
  18. Teach your kids and grandkids good manners.
  19. Wipe down machines when you use them.
  20. Practice fairness and sharing of use on the common elements.  They are owned by everyone.

Patricia Elia
Elia Associates - Condominium Lawyer

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