October 19, 2021 - Blog Post

COVID-19 Impact on Condominiums

Over the last year we have seen significant increases in waste and recycling volumes for example. With many residents having to work from home or choosing to weather out the pandemic at their condo outside of the hotspots, there is an increase in waste and recycling which leads to higher disposal costs for many condos as well as increased cleanup costs when residents overfill receptacles or do not break down all those Amazon boxes. It also became apparent that residents were very supportive of their local restaurants and enjoyed more take out meals or ready to cook meals from their favourite establishments. While supporting local businesses was a fantastic benefit, it also increased household waste volumes. Many condos do not have municipal waste and recycling collection and must pay a service provider to collect their waste and recycling which is usually based on a set schedule and volume. When the schedule and volume increases, so too does cost. Many of our clients have seen their waste and recycling go over budget as a result.

Another example of the impacts was realized with the higher snowfall amounts seen this winter. Parking lots that would often be somewhat empty during the day as residents left for work and school were suddenly full of vehicles. Additionally, most snowbirds did not travel south this winter and as a result were now occupying primary parking spaces. This made it challenging for snow removal crews to maintain a well cleared parking lot for residents. Snow removal companies had to adapt as did residents. The typical schedule from years past was not always conducive and return visits to clear snow became the norm and, in some cases, scheduling with residents to move vehicles to facilitate more effective snow plowing was required. Considering the higher-than-average snowfall this winter, most contractors really stepped up to the plate to keep up.

Jeff Struewing
Property Manager - Shore to Slope Management Services Inc.

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