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Participants’ Testimonials on the CCI Huronia Intensive Director’s Course

CCI Huronia presents a 2-day intensive Condominium Director's Course each April.   Participants find enormous value in this in-depth learning experience with a focus on the practical aspects of being a Condo Director.   Testimonials from previous participants:

Getting a Boost Up on The Learning Curve

Four years ago, I moved into a Condo townhouse community.  A year later, I naively agree to become a director in our “self-managed” community, (which fortunately, hired a property management company a few months ago).  Once I began my term, I could understand why so many owners are reluctant to become Directors: the expectations and the knowledge that are a part of the mandate can be overwhelming.  I started to watch the CCI Huronia Webinars as a way to connect with experts who could discuss Condo issues one at a time, using precise, open and practical language. I appreciate seeing familiar faces on my screen (like Sonja Hodis, Patricia Elia and Debbie Dale), and the guest presenters were also welcome in my home.

Although the CAO online Director course provided a focus on Condo Management and helped to build a “launch pad” for new Directors, the ongoing CCI Huronia Webinars provide “navigation” for our flight.  Local experts with local examples and interactive screens which enable everyone to seek clarification and ask questions, are very reassuring because they help us to realize that we are not alone in the Condo Universe.

Not only did I receive valuable and timely advice on everything from balconies to basements, and Section 98 alterations in between, but a certain current of methodology for Directors 101 was apparent: Communicate, communicate, communicate. Know your limits and stay within it.  Ask the experts. Set reasonable standards.  Keep a paper trail.

Webinars have certainly added to our Board’s confidence and knowledge.  We have started to produce a community Update letter to keep everyone informed about projects and events. (Communicate, communicate).  We can comfortably admit that sometimes we just don’t know the answer, but we’ll find out (Ask the experts).   Being open with everyone helps with the understanding as to how we make our Board decisions. (Know your limits.  This is especially important when dealing with shortages we are experiencing in getting tradespeople and material for repairs during Covid). And last but not least, we are heeding the warnings about liability.  (Our paper trail is dated and detailed.)

The learning curve for me has been pretty vertical, but when I look back to when I started as a director, my confidence has grown, and I feel supported by the resources and ideas I have found on the Webinars.  They are well worth watching for an interesting and informative lunch “date”.  Calories and wine optional.

Maureen Lanois – President of SCC215


Why Take CCI-Huronia’s Director’s Course?

My husband and I bought our condo over four years ago.  Our condo corporation is property managed. 

I was invited to join the Board and did the online Director’s course through CCI on my own time.

The two-day Director’s course was advertised and I signed up to attend.  The nice thing about the course was that I was able to attend in person as this was before COVID-19.

As a Board Director, it was one of the best things I could have done for myself and our condominium corporation.  I learned so much!  I was also able to network with other Directors of condo corps, where one or two were self managed.  There were many topics discussed and time for questions.  There were also corporate sponsors in attendance and time to view and discuss what they had to offer.

I highly recommend taking this two-day course for any new Board of Director.  Enjoy and learn!

Dorothy Leisk - President of SCC162



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