June 20, 2024 - Huronia Chapter News

RONA is offering a discount to CCI Members

RONA is offering CCI members discounts varying from 5-15% off its regular priced products.  These discounts apply to in person purchases at RONA Corporate stores

Please see the flyer for more details:

This offering is available to all CCI members (Condominium Corporations, Business Partners, Professionals and Individual), and extends to owners of condominiums and stratas who are registered members of a CCI Chapter.   Condominiums and Stratas who employ a superintendent or building staff, may also make use of this discount.

To obtain the privileged CCI discount rate, CCI members will need to open an account. The account will in turn be linked to CCI membership and this supply agreement.

Specifically, members will provide their:

Once this information is provided, RONA will provide an account number to the CCI member.

When shopping at RONA, the member will complete their purchase at the PRO desk and provide their phone number and account number.

This RONA Supply agreement comes just in time for CCI membership renewals and provides one more benefit to being a CCI member!

CCI Huronia