October 19, 2021 - Blog Post

The Positive Side of COVID-19

Dr. Mabel Hsin, one of our frequent speakers on the CCI Huronia webinars has taught us about gratitude and mindfulness. Taking her advice, I have reflected over the events of the past year and have come up with my own Top Ten List of Positive Outcomes Attributable to the COVID Pandemic. Here is my top Ten List what is yours?

Top Ten List of Positive Outcomes Attributable to the COVID Pandemic

  1. Technology has allowed us to continue to operate despite lock downs and restrictions. While we may have slowed down for a bit we did not stop. We are still moving forward with all aspects of life. Just in a different way.
  2. We have become more efficient thanks to technology. Much of the time wasted travelling from one location to another has been eliminated. Now we can take that time and do something more productive or enjoyable with it.
  3. We are connecting with others despite the physical distance between us. Our physical location is no longer a barrier. Think of all the people from across the country that were able to join CCI Huronia in one of our many webinars. They would never have been able to attend one of our in person events pre-COVID.
  4. Virtual meetings and electronic voting have resulted in an overall increase in owner participation in condominium matters. We always complained about owner apathy pre-COVID but are now reporting record attendance at AGMs and owners meetings.
  5. Forced innovation has resulted in new and better solutions and practices in our homes, condos and businesses. Many people are not planning on going back to the oldway and will continue using these new and better solutions going forward.
  6. We have been reminded about the importance of good hygiene and have made lifestyle changes that have improved our practices in this regard. These new practices not only help reduce the spread of COVID but other diseases as well. It will keep us all healthier in the long run I hope!
  7. Patience is not just a virtue anymore but rather a necessary trait. The pandemic has honed our ability to be patient and has given us lots of opportunity to practice this great trait over the last year.
  8. The pandemic has made us very aware that the we should not sweat the small stuff as there are bigger issues that need our time, energy and attention. We have developed new perspectives and a sense of appreciation and gratefulness like never before.
  9. We have been reminded of our number one survival skill the ability to adapt to change. Humans have been adapting for thousands of years. It is part of our DNA and the basis for our survival. The pandemic reinforces the value of this unique characteristic that we have which keeps us from going extinct.

10. We have been reminded that there is no i” in Condo we are all part of a bigger community which requires individual interests and desires be set aside for the greater good of the community. We have seen many examples of communities coming together like never before to help each other out during these difficult times.

When this crisis ends, we will be able to meet again but as better human beings.

Sonja Hodis
Condominium Lawyer - Hodis Law


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