February 23, 2022 - Blog Post

Words of Wisdom on the Importance of Education for Condo Directors

CCI Huronia's 2-day Intensive Director's Course provides participants with important knowledge needed by condominium directors.

Education is the most powerful tool to avoid conflict and the costs associated therewith. It all starts with the directors who can learn what is necessary to make informed decisions and then in turn educate their own communities about how condominiums are required to operate.  CCI Huronia’s Intensive Director’s Course is a great opportunity for directors to start that education journey and engage with professionals and other directors.
– Sonja Hodis, Hodis Law


Participants in the CCI Huronia director’s course are better informed, more diligent, and remarkably astute with respect to the operation of the community assets and how they positively influence their local communities.  It makes consulting with them a pleasure. – Jon Juffs, McIntosh Perry


CCI Huronia’s directors course brings together a robust group of perspectives from people who have done and do the work every day in the condominium industry. Technical theory plus practical application from a variety of perspectives gives participants in the course the opportunity to learn, think collaboratively and interact with today’s condominium industry members. CCI Huronia does the work to bring those resources together to make boards better.  – Patricia Elia, Elia Associates


The practical information and dialogue that is exchanged at the Director’s Course is invaluable. It’s real-world experience you won’t find by searching the internet .
– Mina Tesseris, Tesseris Arbitech Inc.


Life is an ongoing learning process. There are always new skills that you can learn and implement. Continuing education helps you stay relevant and will give you the confidence to be a good leader.  – Ashley Lamb, Barrie Condo Corner – Real Estate Services


With new technologies, innovations and evolutions, there is more to know every day! Learning is a lifelong journey and access to learning has never been more accessible. Joining webinars, seminars, courses as well as reading blogs, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, the ways to learn something new every day are endless. CCI Huronia is committed to lifelong learners, offering webinars, Directors Courses, Newsletters, blogs and more. Our top industry professionals, volunteer their time and knowledge to help keep our community up-to-date on a variety of new and important Condo-centric topics.  – Michele Farley, FCS Fire Consulting Services Ltd.


The CCI-H Directors Course builds significantly on the basic knowledge obtained from CAO online course and allows Directors to gain more detailed knowledge for real life application in an interactive and intensive environment.  – Jeff Struewing, Shore to Slope Property Management


I see a core group of directors in the audience year after year. It's more than a refresher. To me they are like trees growing taller and taller. The Director's course helps them grow and gives a broader perspective each year.  – Blair Spinney, Chartered Professional Accountant


Education is very important and plays a huge role in a condominium director’s life. Some people think that being a director is very simple and requires no learning, but it is not. "To be a director" is first and foremost to understand what it means. CCI Huronia director courses provide excellent knowledge for new and seasoned directors to help them understand what it means “to be a director” and how to become efficient and successful.   
– Joanna Tomaszewski, Bayshore Property Management


CCI Huronia’s directors’ course brings together the industry’s leading professionals who, through their diverse backgrounds and expertise, provide attendees with tangible tools and industry insight unique to condominium communities in Huronia.  – Ashley Winberg, Elia Associates


Condo directors are required to make decisions on a wide range of topics that can affect a large number of people. The CCI director courses prepares condo directors to make informed decisions, reducing the risk to the condo board and to themselves.  – Evan Shkolnik, Cion Coulter Corporation


The unique once a year 2 Day Director course offered by CCI Huronia is the path to success as a volunteer condominium director. The interactive virtual learning format is one of a kind in the condominium sector uniting the best of the best – both the attendees and speakers. To be a successful condominium community leader, this course is simply a MUST and outperforms any cookie cutter multiple choice platform drawing accolades from attendees year after year. Register immediately. 

– Debbie Dale, MCRS Property Management

The CCI Huronia Directors course is an invaluable course for directors with all levels of experience. The course provides insights from a diverse group of the industry’s best, over a broad range of relevant topics.  – Ryan Griffiths, CWB Maxium Financial

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