CCI Huronia Newsletter, Spring 2018 Issue

President's Message

I believe Spring is finally here after that wonderful snow storm on the day of our Director’s Course!  I would like to express the Board’s thanks to all those who braved the weather and attended.  We had an excellent and impromptu session on forms and meetings, which was very timely.  Speaking of time, I am hopeful that you have all spent enough time working through the forms to master them and have invested your time in the director’s training on line via the CAO.   I feel that all directors and participants in the industry have been called upon to go beyond their usual commitment to board life in order to better understand the intention of the changes to the legislation and its application to condominium communities in Ontario.  Change is never easy and it takes time.  In one of our recent discussions with government representatives about the forms, we all agreed that these changes will be part of a an organic process, an evolution much like the growth and development that Spring brings in Ontario.   With this said,  CCI Huronia has been working to help the government in this time of change to improve and clarify the forms and I trust that the most important recommendations will be implemented to make the work for condominiums easier and clearer.  If you or your community have any concerns about the forms that you wish us to bring to the government’s attention based on your use of the forms, please let us know and we will forward the same on to the government via CCI.   We have all been working hard in the industry and on boards, we have had moments of fatigue and overwhelming content; however, I believe that CCI Huronia via its Board and volunteers has weathered the changes thus far and is looking forward to more growth at the chapter level.  Our lunch and learn at the Barrie Construction Association was well received and we hope to do it again in the near future.  A special thank you to Kirsten Both  and Ashley Lamb for bringing a new dimension to CCI Huronia’s  communication via Facebook.  Please like us on Facebook!   Enjoy the beautiful Spring ahead. Tell us how you have mastered the four page proxy and we look forward to seeing you at the Fall Conference and AGM – Money Talks!  This promises to be another informative set of seminars where we analyze in different ways an important part of every condominium: MONEY.  Thanks to our authors for their contributions to this edition of our quarterly newsletter.