CCI Huronia Newsletter, Summer 2017 Issue

President's Message

CCI Huronia is still burning brightly and is taking on change with passion. 

On September 15th, 2017 at Barrie’s Liberty North, we will be hosting our Annual Conference and Tradeshow – FACING CHANGE.

As the Condominium Act,1998 evolves over the next several months with the implementation of regulations, the implementation of Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario, we are dedicated to keeping you up to date. Please review our calendar of Events.

Wow! there is so much change and yet so much is the same! It appears to be just more and repackaged differently.  Change, big or small, can be uncomfortable.  Whether your community is self-managed or managed by a service provider, it is important that owners, directors and suppliers know and understand the nature of the change.   During FACING CHANGE, the CCI Board has worked on putting together session that will help your community dissect and navigate through these changes, while bringing you up to speed on other evolving and maturing issues such as AirBNB, which is an oldie but has a new level of presence in the market; and smoking, with marijuana legalization on the horizon, communities need to think ahead and most are starting with thinking about how to manage smoke.

We are fortunate in CCI Huronia to have and to be able to call upon a variety of experts in a variety of fields to help break it the change down into its fundamental parts. Accordingly, you can help your community manage its expectations over the next several months with the knowledge you will gain at FACING CHANGE.   

As my daughter said to me as she departed for university, the only thing in life constant Mom is change. With condo density, comes new condo conundrums.  Fortunately, CCI Huronia is well equipped to help navigate and guide communities through change. We look forward to having you join us on September 15th, 2017.  Please bring lots of questions.  Registration is limited so please get your tickets.  Thank you to our Sponsors for helping us put on this conference and to our Exhibitors for sharing their knowledge in the condominium industry.

Patricia Elia

- CCI Huronia President