CCI Huronia Newsletter, Winter 2017 Issue

CCI Huronia Introductory Course Success

On January 29th, 2017, CCI Huronia hosted our first Introductory Course.  We had a great turnout on a snowy Huronia evening at the Ferndale Banquet Hall.  We covered quite a range of introductory topics  in two hours thanks to the expertise and giving of time by our board members (Peter Walpole, Michele Farley, Sonja Hodis, Jeff Struewing, Jon Juffs, Blair Spinney, Ryan Griffiths, Richard Murray and myself).  Our exhibitors were available both before, during and after to allow people to learn and inquire more about services and products specific to the condominium industry.  CCI Group was generous enough to sponsor the first 100 guests.

We were grateful to those of you who asked some great questions both during and after the event, such as this question from Mike about condominium insurance:

“I attended the introductory course on January 31st. Very helpful for a new Board Director.  Patricia mentioned insurance towards the end of the presentation and it prompted a question for me which I did not get an opportunity to ask.  If I understood her, she said that insurance for condominiums was becoming more difficult to obtain in some parts of Canada but not so in Ontario – yet.  Was she referring to the corporation or individual home owners or both?


Further to your email inquiry, insurance for condominium corporations is becoming harder to procure because of increased claims and fewer providers in the market, as I understand. Please note I am not a broker and a broker would be better suited to answering your question.

While I believe that unit owner insurance is easier to obtain, I believe that the underwriting of the same on an individual basis will be tied to the claims history of the condominium. in which the unit of the individual is located. This connection to the condominiums identity may, ultimately, make it harder for individuals in certain condominiums to obtain insurance.  In addition, if insurance companies just exit the market for condominiums that will just lessen the number of providers for both unit owner and condominium insurance.

I trust that helps.  Thank you for coming out to our Condo 101 course and we hope to have you and your board out at future events.”

Reproduced with the permission of the sender and writer.

Our Condo 101 was a true success and we plan to do it again, since there is so much growth going on out there. We want to continue on our path of service for condominium communities in Huronia, so please feel free to become a member, ask questions and come out to future CCI Huronia Events.   For a full calendar of events, please CLICK HERE