CCI Huronia Newsletter, Winter 2017 Issue

President's Message

Happy New Year and all the best for 2017.  We embark on another year of change and growth in CCI Huronia with an objective of providing more creative solutions and opportunities for director education, more initiatives on government relations and keeping the community apprised of developments of the condominium industry that impact communities in Huronia.

We wanted to tell you in this President’s message a little bit about an initiative that has been commenced with the construction associations of Ontario.  As you are aware, CCI Huronia has become a member of the Barrie Construction Association, as described by the Barrie Construction Association:  the Barrie Construction Association evolved from the Barrie Bid Depository and Plans Room, which has been operating since the early 1950’s. In the spring of 1987, an idea was put into motion to open a construction association, which would address the needs of the ICI sector in the area. By August of 1991, the Barrie Construction Association had incorporated as The Barrie Construction Association and in a few short years the Barrie Construction Association had grown and expanded to over 400 members.

The Barrie Construction Association is striving to work with CCI to develop connections. Recently, thanks to the Barrie Construction Association and Michele Farley of CCI, CCI Huronia was hosted by the Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA) and had a very productive discussion on how CCI as an organization can work with these construction associations to build connections.  We continue to work with this opportunity to help grow CCI’s participation locally.  We also anticipate meeting more with municipal officials over the course of the year in the many counties and municipalities that make up CCI Huronia for the purpose of discussing how CCI can provide education to condominium owners and information to government for the purposes of enhancing the quality of life for condominium owners and improving some of the dynamics around condominiums and multi-storey living.

If you have any ideas that can help expand our government participation, please volunteer and/or let us know.

Patricia Elia


CCI Huronia