Introduction to Condominiums in Ontario

January 24, 2024

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Are you thinking of buying a condo?    Do you live in a condo?    Are you a condo director?

Join our moderator, Sonja Hodis along with Patrica Elia, Ashley Winberg, Ashley Lamb, Jeff Struewing, Blair Spinney and Jon Juffs as we introduce you to various aspects of condominium living, ownership and governance. Topics covered include:

While this course does not replace the CAO mandated course Directors must take online, it will provide not only Directors but also Owners, Residents, Tenants and Potential Purchasers  with more in-depth knowledge and understanding of condominiums. In addition, unlike the CAO course, you will also have an opportunity to actually ask questions of our speakers at the webinar, who are more than happy to share their experiences in relation to condominium living and governance.

If you interested in taking a more intensive course join us at our 2-day Intensive Director's training course in April 2024. This Introduction to Condominiums webinar is highly recommended as it will provide you with the necessary framework which will be further expanded upon during the Intensive Director's Course.  Watch for further details and registration information on  the Intensive Director’s Course. 

If you are an owner and are thinking of becoming a director, this Intro to Condos webinar will provide you with a solid foundation on the variety of issues directors are expected to encounter. If you live in a condo, this webinar may answer a lot of your questions about why living in a condo is so different. 

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