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February 8, 2024 - Blog Post Tag(s): CCI Huronia || common elements || Communication with Condo Owners || condo corporation policies || Condo Education || Condominium Act || Condominium Education || Excellence in Condominium Management || Exclusive-use Common Elements
Author: Sonja Hodis, Hodis Law

Enforcing Breaches

Enforcing breaches of the condo’s rules (found in the Condominium Act or your governing documents) in relation to exclusive use common elements (EUCE) is no different that enforcing breaches generally. However, you may have specific rules that deal only with EUCE.

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December 15, 2023 - Blog Post Tag(s): be prepared || CCI Huronia || Communication with Condo Owners || Condo Education || Condominium Education || duties of condominium corporations || Emergency Preparedness || Exclusive-use Common Elements || fire safety compliance || fire safety in condos || fire safety plan
Author: Michele Farley, FCS Fire Consulting Services Ltd.

Fire Safety on Exclusive-use Property

Your Condo Corporation takes Fire Safety seriously!

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