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December 5, 2023 - Blog Post Tag(s): CCI Huronia || common element etiquette || Communication with Condo Owners || condo corporation policies || Condo Education || Condominium Education || condominium owners || courtesy || Dispute Resolution || duties of condominium corporations || enforcing bylaws || Excellence in Condominium Management || respect
Author: Debbie Dale and Kirsten Dale, MCRS Property Management

Condominium Managing and Rule Enforcement

“Thou shalt not” is a confrontational approach that is contrary to achieving harmonious use of common elements, however the line in the sand is just that to preserve the rights of all owners.

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October 26, 2021 - Blog Post Tag(s): be kind to your neighbour || common element etiquette || common elements || Community || condominium owners || courtesy || Dispute Resolution || don't sweat the small stuff || fairness || good hygiene || gratitude || manners || respect || sharing
Author: Patricia Elia, Elia Associates PC

Common Element Etiquette

As we emerge back into society, we thought the following common element etiquette rules would be helpful.

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